Ecogreen Tank Monitors

Ready for work in minutes.

Redefine how you dispatch trucks as soon as you install a monitor and log onto your account. It's so simple, you don’t need manuals or tutorials. And no special tools are required. What’s more, propane and liquid fuel tanks are equally easy to equip with an Ecogreen Tank Monitoring System. In less than 15 minutes, you’ll have greater command of all your tank levels and dispatch schedules.
It really is that simple.

The solar-powered profit booster

The heart of the Ecogreen system is our solar powered monitor. The Ecogreen monitor is compact, durable and easy to install. No electric cords or communication lines are needed! Since it is solar-powered and uses GSM or CDMA cell technology, remote locations aren’t a problem. Standard monitors can be used on any liquid fuel tank from 3 to 25 feet tall. Optional sensors are available for tanks up to 75 feet tall. Once the monitor is installed, you simply log onto your account, add the tank, and then access its status anytime via the internet. For optimal accuracy, each Ecogreen monitor is individually calibrated to the tank on which it is installed. Even if you aren’t technical, the Ecogreen system is a snap. And it places information at your fingertips that helps you reduce costs by alleviating inefficient deliveries while offering highly reliable service.

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